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Self employed since 1970 running 2 successful businesses namely Sue Eaton Beauty Clinics for 17 years followed by Relocation East Anglia, a property search business, for a further 17 years. Businesses sold I started to paint once our four children had left home. None have gone far and we have 8 grandchildren - to date!

Totally self taught apart from a day workshop here or there to learn how to handle the various mediums I was interested in. I’ve worked on my evolving style and unique techniques which keeps my work interesting and challenging both essential elements for me.

A slow start in 2000 joining local art clubs and exhibiting building my confidence and gradually being invited to exhibit in Galleries around East Anglia and further afield.

Building Vincents Studio 12 years ago I had the space to work large and also to run my own exhibitions from here. I work full time on commissions and for exhibitions and galleries from Vincents Studio.

My work has been selected and sold in the Pastel Society and The Society of Women Artists exhibitions held at The Mall Galleries a number of times and is sold all over the country and overseas.

I specialise in statement pieces and I am currently painting on metals including aluminium and copper. I also use a technique of applying texture which gives a tactile element to the piece.

A new challenge last year was the introduction of gold leaf. As a result I'm Introducing gilding to my wildlife paintings using 23ct Gold Leaf and inks. The gold gleams in a delightful way around the studies of iconic wildlife.

I welcome visitors to my studio. If you wish to do so please send me a message on the menu Contact Me

Email: sue-eaton@vincents-studio.com